Thursday, December 16, 2010

These Are The Nights

Blogs are good. They allow us to record memories we can come back to when in vacant or pensive mood and relive the good ole days. These are the good old days. Went out last night with Nits to Reef for the first time and had a blast. Reef is kinda what Backyard used to be before the renovations. More intimate and homey. Nits said it was a neighbourhood pub. But that's what Backers used to be as well. A neighbourhood pub. Now it's acquired a layer of glitz and is betwixt and between. Don't worry Jerry, I still love it and will still keep on coming just as long as Mark plays on Mondays.

Anyways, here are some selections from the night:


Mark was playing of course. Why else would we be there?

I had apple cider and Nits had vodka lime. We were moderate and didn't tipple to inebriation. The result of which, I am stone cold unhungover today. I have stuff to do and the clouds are lowering and rain is slashing in sideways. Not the best of times to go out. Arnold is outside under his favourite car, a kitten is mewing pitifully (I tried to catch her to feed her, but she ran away, not recognising a friend...maybe I smelt of dog) and George has said (not you Georgie, the other George) I have a habit of collecting strays.

So what should I do?

Make another Texas Fudge, I guess.

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