Thursday, December 02, 2010

Crash, Boom, Bang

If you think this blog has been a little frivolous of late, don't worry, that's about to change. I have real news today.

I nearly died.

A car rammed into my side and my car spun out of control. Thankfully it did not spin out of control into the path of oncoming traffic, but bad enough. My passenger side is all smashed up.

If it had been the driver's side, you would not be reading this.

I'm still shaking.

Of course, you're all the last to know.

The moment my father found out (he was in the hospital calling me to pick him up) he was on the phone and within a few seconds, both my mobile and landline started ringing off the hook.

Mum went into shock, Chubs called and said he would come after his meeting in KL, Julie called, all calm and calming and gave me the number of a mechanic near the house for a second opinion. She's coming over at lunchtime.

Did I tell you I was still shaking? Mummy's on the phone to me now and she's still shaking too. She is cancelling her plans because she does not trust herself to drive out now.


Jeremy said...

Sheesh! The same thing happened to you in South West Australia, remember? (Well, of course you do. Not the kind of thing you'd easily forget.) Gawd, I suspect my heart would give out from shock even if I didn't have any injuries.

Tudor Rose said...

ohmygosh! I'm glad to know you're still here, albeit a little shaken up.

(Thank you for the Christmas card, btw :-))

perl hacker said...

How terrifying--glad you're doing as well as can be expected, after such an ordeal. After a similar close-call in my tiny subcompact, I did not want to drive for an entire week.


John Calica said...

Hey! Glad to know you're somehow okay. I remeber that time when a big ass bus hit our car - which resulted to my elder sister not wanting to drive - ever!

Keep safe. God bless!

Jenn said...

Thanks you guys. Apparently I only have soft tissue damage in my neck and side. I have a pain killer, a muscle relaxant and a soothing gel to rub on affected areas.

If things don't improve in a day or two I have to do an MRI on my neck.