Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Patchwork Quilt

Ah, it's tomorrow. The splitting headache has been slept off (I suspect it had a lot to do with being hungover), I have Ivan's car for one more day (yay!), I have one last basket to deliver today (called yesterday and made appointment to do so), one more cake (for friends that is) to bake, and well, all of my files from my old faulty hard disk (which crashed spectacularly and gave up its ghost two days ago) to transfer to the external hard drive (Dell wants its faulty hard drive back and it is merely on loan to me for the next two weeks).

Yesterday the police officer in charge of my case called to say I was at fault in the accident. That necessitated a trip to the station and an argument of gigantic proportions. He said he would "reconsider" and tell me his decision on Saturday. I am to call. Ivan said to call Godfrey and ask if he's free because it's always good to have a lawyer along at these things. Also, he was surprised that speeding in a housing area was not considered an offense.

Ho hum.

Anyways, in between freaking out about this and my hard disk (fixed now, blessedly fixed) I made a cake (Texas Fudge) for Julie's office, presented Alison with a basket (she met me in between a root canal, her son throwing up suddenly and rushing to some relative's house to sign some documents - hectic is too gentle a word for it), bought Mum's present and got something to deal with Arnold's ticks.

He had a few which we used to pick out manually and these have graduated...talking to the pet shop guy, he said, if you find one or two ticks on a dog, you can't just kill them and trust to fate. The doggies pick them up outside (Arnold, as we all know roams far and wide) and they have to be dealt with instantly.

Anyways, he sold me a spray (RM68? I mean to say what?) and a tick shampoo. However, I have strict orders to use the spray first, rub it deep into his fur all over his skin and leave it for two days to spread and do the good work. Then I can use the tick shampoo to give him a much-needed bath.

I forced the little doggie to stand there while I sprayed him within an inch of his life last night. Today, I can only say that he seems to be scratching less. I can't wait till I can bathe him and my baby is all clean again. I will drop him off at the vet at the end of this week to be spayed, vaccinated and dewormed. Only after this will he be accepted in the Furry Friends Farm. I will pick him up again after I get back to JB.

I hope to have dealt with the tick problem before that.

And, like James Taylor, I wish I had a river I could sail away on.

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