Monday, December 20, 2010

Fair's Fair

My phone shows there's a message and as I click on it I already know what it's going to say. The thing is, if you cancel on me once or twice, no worries. We're all busy people and life tends to get in the way of our plans.

But if you make it a habit what can I infer but that a meeting with me is of the lowest priority which will give way to anything (and I do mean anything) at the slightest moment's notice?

The slight irritation I felt began to thrum. The message asked if we could do this tomorrow?

Then I remembered. Tomorrow is Chubs's Christmas party. And after that, off to JB. So no, we can't do it tomorrow. Sorry.

And immediately I felt better.

So I guess what I'm saying is that if you make it a habit of canceling on me, I'll make it a habit of never making plans with you. I don't want to block off my time for someone who doesn't value it.

After all, fair's fair.

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