Sunday, December 12, 2010

Glorious Adventure or Nothing At All

I'm installing a DVD burner, Julie's Christmas present to me (after I finish using it I can give it back to her to wrap and put under tree) and listening to my new Celtic Woman Christmas album that I got at One U with Chubs today. Chubs, Jules and the D-Man have gone to church.

They remember, after all, the reason for the season, while I, heathen that I am, sit here installing software and making more presents and listening to semi-traditional carols. (They will probably be singing O Come Divine Messiah right about now, the hymn that always told me Advent was here and made me tingle with anticipation).

Oh well, see y'all in the funny papers.

After Celtic Woman I'll listen to Amy Grant. Then maybe Andy Griffith. And I'll wrap the presents I bought today.

Later for you.

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John Calica said...

Hey dearest Jenn, I hope you're feeling a lot better! Kindly resend your mailing address to me

Thanks and have a great day ahead!