Friday, May 13, 2016

When you don't answer

My heart fills with anxiety and I get frantic trying to reach you. I take a deep breath and exhale. It can't be so bad. You promised that you would find some way of getting the news to me if something happened. We set up a system.

But does it apply now? We talked about it so long ago. Years even.

Everything has changed.

I came back from Turkey to news of a sudden death. I woke up to news of an expected (though not so soon) death.

2016 has been surreal so far. A year where people just drop like flies, dissolve gracefully into a puddle and evaporate.

So know that I'm not in a normal frame of mind and when you don't answer I think this time you went through with it, this time you've left me, this time, you're actually dead.

Please, please, please let me be overreacting.