Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And The Search for Happiness

Well well well. I trudged all the way to the LRT station yesterday (feeling very proud of myself) and took myself to the KLCC in search of bottles. My re-closeable wassail bottles had run out and I had some wassail leftover. Unbottled. One more, just one more.

Unfortunately, other people had the same thought so the bottles which had been abounding at Isetan were not there anymore. There, was however, a pretty Italian bottle with a cork. Probably for olive oil but who cares? I bought it and brought it home and lo and behold, the wassail looks great in it.

Trips on the LRT can be exciting and instructive. Naturally I always have a book but sometimes you are so crammed inside there that there is no chance of whipping out said book to read.

Don't you just hate the people who are overladen with umbrella, backpack and a hundred different plastic and paper bags? And don't you just hate it when these people sit down right next to you and stick their umbrella into you and are not even aware of it, despite the plethora of pained expressions that cross your face?

Well, the guy sitting next to me did too. I didn't realise my umbrella was sticking into him until he got up and walked off (possible to detrain) but maybe because he was really really annoyed...I plunked myself down beside him, packages and all, like a veritable bag lady, and rudely awakened him from what seemed to be deepest slumber.

I didn't notice the pained expressions. When I did notice it and remove the umbrella from where it was sticking into his leg, it was too late. His impression of Malaysians as pesky inconsiderate annoyances was already cemented.

And if I were not enough, it being the school holidays, there were scads of little children running around on the train as their parents looked on indulgently, bumping against him and stepping his toes.

Normally kids annoy me but since I was busy being part of the annoyance, and since I looked really peculiar with my straw hat and bags and bags, they had the wisdom to avoid me and step on the toes of the long-suffering fellow next to me. Also the long-suffering guy just opposite him who stayed on the train (and thus suffered) far longer.

Anyways, a trip to KLCC wouldn't be complete without a visit to Kinokuniya so of course I went, without looking for anything in particular and discovered this:

which I never heard off, but which I just finished and can only say, excellent, excellent, very very.

And this:

You'd think that all I did yesterday when I got back was read. But that's not true. I also watched two Christmas movies back to back. (See I told you I was productive!)

And I made chocolate chip cookies, butter shortbread, the cake part of the lemon curd cake, Texas Fudge cake (without the fudge). All in one night.

Believe me, that takes some doing.

And today I will be making two chocolate raspberry streusel bars.

Don't you just love the silly season?

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Jenn said...

Sometimes I wish I were like Hector. Sitting there, observing everything around me and making notes about what leads to happiness and what doesn't. That way I could be less involved in all the drama around me.