Friday, December 03, 2010

Settling In

I don't know if it's the reaction or if I was actually injured yesterday but the pain has begun in earnest. Everything on my right side aches. I find it difficult to turn my neck that way. And my shoulder is another thing altogether.

Of course the thing to do when you're in pain is tell my hysterical Dadda. Who has suggested everything from the clinic across to the hospital..."because I need to claim for personal injury." He was hustling, then I told him, I can't go anywhere till the mechanic comes.

Now apparently after calling the insurance company, it's not the mechanic who's coming but the tow truck. They are trucking my poor injured baby away and then goodbye to mobility and hello to having to get around in cabs once more.

Hey Wolfie I'm your worst nightmare! Your ass is mine!

(If that doesn't make sense don't worry, I never made sense before the accident, surely you don't expect me to make sense after?)

So the other party has apparently not made a police report and the 24 hour time limit we're given to do it, is up.

In other news, our dogs in JB had a massive disagreement which resulted in blood spattered on the pavement. More Maggot than Elliot's blood which means we will have to be doing something about them real soon. This is not the time to be without a car when I will ostensibly have to send Arnold to other quarters. He's lying beside me now, scratching. I have to bathe him, but am dreading it with my shoulder and side the way they are.

OK, on the Christmassy side...I must find my way into Bangsar to do a mess of errands. Before I take off with Chubs today for JB. Or maybe he'll go tomorrow. He's tired and I cut in on his work time severely yesterday. When I called him he was at home finishing what he was supposed to have finished two days ago.

I need a basket.

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