Friday, December 17, 2010

Bathing Arnold

Things I most like about bathing Arnold:

1. It's not too difficult; he is a relatively docile and obedient doggie;

2. The second shampooing which lathers up much more quickly;

3. The ticks that fall lifeless to the ground in the process (my pet shop guy did good - both in terms of the spray and the tick shampoo);

4. How clean and cute and respectable he looks after;

Things Arnold likes about bathing;

1. He gets to spend quality time with me and get very personalised attention;

2. The dead ticks dropping on the bathroom floor (I'm guessing here)

3. The good rub down he gets after;

4. The fact that his body is less itchy and he doesn't have to scratch so much;

5. All of the above, or nothing at all.

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