Monday, November 01, 2010

The House Front, Elliot and Maggot

Actually it's more Maggot than Elliot as that dog actually likes me and poses. Elliot merajuked and wouldn't pose. So we have a view of him turned away purposefully ignoring me (the more you ignore me, the closer I get) and Maggotty looking cute with his tongue hanging out smiling at me. And also the front of the house which you can examine to your heart's content. Mum sat at the computer and went through my pictures with a fine-tooth comb.

I arrived in JB last night. Maggotty was happy to see me. He did his howly bark welcome. Elliot didn't do the howly bark (he just did the bark) but he was happy too. They were both munching on their toy bones that Chubs had brought from KL cos Arnold (who doesn't have many teeth) rejected them.

Elliot is now ignoring me and giving me his "you are dead to me" look (or non-look) but I think he will forgive me once I've taken him for his first walk in ages.

Mum stumbled out to open the gate, quiet the doggies and make me a Milo. (all that with a rumbly tummy). Now's she's just made a list for me to go shopping at Giant and is fiddling with the free gift I got from one of my interviews - she's delighted with it but still thinks I should take it back to KL and put it on my desk.

Now then, the pictures...

Full view

The new postbox

The new gate

View from outside my room

The new fence

My Maggotty boy

You are dead to me!

I can't help it! He's so cute!

The Big M messing about with her new toy

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