Saturday, November 13, 2010

In The Zone

It's really something after bellyaching for a week and a half about the overwhelming number of stories and other miscellaneous bits of writing that I have to do (while watching endless episodes of ANYTHING as a frantic attempt at work avoidance) to actually sit down and clear the work today in one fell swoop. I mean, really. I don't have feedback on the work but it doesn't matter. What matters is that c'est finis. Well as much as I logically could. There are some people I am supposed to call for comments on something or other, but calling during the weekend, unless they happen to be, like, your really really good friend, but not even then, is a terrible faux pas.

So today, I went to PJ Hills to get Dadda, pale-faced and worried-looking, some dinner. He was on the sofa watching one of those stupid pre-football documentaries. But I walked in to the place, stared at the awful oily curries and the even more awful looking tandoori and something inside me screamed a great big NO!

So I walked out, got into my car and said...I don't know how I find really nice food, I only know that I do. And asked my inner compass to direct me to some decent food, preferably Indian (he did say he wanted curry). Yes, I'm a crystal-kissing, tree-hugging freak. Or leperchaun (personally, I prefer leperchaun).

It directed me towards Pakeeza, newly renovated and bustling as ever. I thought it had closed down. Wow. So I went inside, bought some prawn masala and palak paneer and then hied me out of there. Oh wow. They were divine with Dadda's parboiled rice.

Young Arnold, whom I fed earlier, slipped under the table to await handouts. When we were done and I actually gave him the leftovers he sniffed it disdainfully and decided that no, on second thoughts, he didn't want any.

My fatty is so the fussy one.

Now he's curled up in the hall keeping the D-man company. Julie is out. I am at the computer. Which means everything is as it always was. And I am feeling perky, the first energy I've had in weeks. Has to do with finishing two stories, a speech and sending off a bunch of questions on liquidity risk management.

See, I was supposed to have sent the questions a few days ago. Well, OK, maybe two days. But I couldn't because I didn't know what the heck it was. And the articles I skimmed through confused me even further.

Note to self: Do not attempt to read up on abstruse financial concepts while eyeballing Charles and Hawkeye.

Anyway, today, in line with the flow of the day (really this is the first day that's syrup) I pounced on the perfect article and it explained not only liquidity risk management but things like contingent cashflows and other such sexy concepts (swoon). So I trotted out the standard 10 questions, CC-ed the busybodies who wanted in on it, and now, I'm free, I'm free, I'm freer than free.

OK, well, free is relative. I want to scrub the mucky room that I came back to, dust and put everything away, make up a list of things I want to take up north, maybe bake a cake (the new oven is in force, did I tell you?). I can make lists of things I actually WANT to do rather than things I HAVE to do.

My bed is scattered with Christmas cards. So excitipating.

Ooooooh the D-man has finished watching his football which means I could watch some more M*A*S*H*. But now that I don't have anymore work to constipate through I think I'll do all the other stuff first.


Nessa said...

I used to beat myself up when I put things off because I was off and then poof the ease and all is done and better in a matter of minutes. It has happened so often now that when I begin feeling out of touch with my tasks I just put them aside because I know I'll get them done in their proper time and place.

perl hacker said...

I, too, followed a similar cycle, burning through several weeks of work in two or three days of brilliant incandescence. It leaves you with quite an afterglow, but the heat fades quickly as you slide back down that spiral of complacency. Even so, you cannot fault your mind for resenting the implied economic proposition: that it occupy the best hours of the day with boring, unjoyful work in exchange for a cheque. I like to think of procrastination as a polite form of rebellion. :)

Creamy palak paneer, yummy!

Jenn said...

See I'm supposed to be driving out now to get the car checked and cleaned. But I'm procrastinating.

I love palak paneer, think that Pakeeza's has the best version in the world and am so impressed you know what it is.

Nessa said...

I will no longer call it procrastination. From now on I am in "the process of polite rebellion."