Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Life in the Slow Lane

My camera batteries are charging now as I have to go out and take a picture of an intersection and then go to the police station with the Big M to prove something or other. At the moment, I am unclear on exactly what I have to prove with the pictures, because Mum makes vague references about showing that four cars can go through there. Whatever. I'll find out when I find out.

As I'm only around for a week or so we have to get all the errands out of the way. Like the grocery shopping (done), bathing the doggies (done), banking (not done yet), fixing my car (not done yet), changing the glass on Julie's Gandalf-Frodo framed poster (I'll take a picture of it so you can see how lovely and one-of-a-kind it is), graveyard All-Souling (half done but the Big M doesn't want to go to the Ulu Tiram graveyard) and - I've forgotten the rest.

I gave Mums a foot massage last night but in the end she said pain, pain, never mind, better already, no more. (I think I pressed too hard near the knee). I also cut my finger cutting down sprays of orchids outside that were poking through the fence. How did I cut my finger on orchids, you say, it has no thorns...yes, I agree, it doesn't. But the bougainvillea it is messed up with does. So I cut my finger on one of the bougainvillea thorns and then put Aloe Vera on the cut (the Big M's stock remedy) and then bathed the dogs and did all the other stuff. Now it hurts like hell. Or rather, it stings. Like a hornet.

The floodwaters are rising. Early every morning the rain comes in through the leaky roof and falls on Mum's side of the bed. She puts a dipper there and goes back to sleep. It's cold and I snuggle up in the blankets and fall even faster asleep.

I am supposed to be writing three speeches and two articles all within a short spacce of time. The articles require transcription (as you know my favourite thing) and are both about complicated complications that I don't understand, that I didn't create. I haven't started on a damn thing. And it's already Wednesday.

Ah me, life is joyful.

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