Friday, November 26, 2010

Birthday Matters

Feeling like your youth is slipping away? Don't be silly. It left a long time ago. Kidding...Happy Birthday.


Happy 39th ah! You still look like a whippersnapper 20-sthing...donch worry. You have your mummy's face after all! Hope it's a great one.

Louwe and bunny slippers,

My sister, ladies and gentlemen, and in case you wanted to see what this particular beauty queen looks like, I got in some good shots at the birthday do.

Like this one:

Or this:

But my favourite picture of the night had to be this. My Chubs of a brother demonstrating how to look like an Ah Lian. First you bring your eyelids down. Then look up. Puff out your cheeks. Poke anywhere.

What else can I say? There was wine, there was pasta, there was lamb, there was also the sacramental tiramisu that we passed around after I had blown out the one candle (one, haha)...the three Jacobs and one Fernandez kid were trigger-happy and we snapped away all night.

All in all, a fun time had by all. Chubs recounted the UK-India SMS incident and all of us, rather squiffy on red wine by this time, laughed fit to kill ourselves. I can't remember what the SMS in question said anymore but I do remember that it nearly caused an international incident. OK, the extent of the international incident would have been a terse reply from the D-man to my sisters for telling him to kneel down, let the soil flow through his fingers and say, Mother India, I have returned to your sandy bosoms. Jai Hind.

But still.

Arnold has taken to disappearing the entire day. He goes very very far away (I went about probably quarterways with him today, as I had leashed him and forced him to take me along but he tried to get into a fight with a cute little inoffensive doggie, which earned him a spanking and a quick turnaround - I dragged him home quicksmart). I don't know how he escaped today. Neither door was open. I have named him the ever-prodigal son....except that he keeps returning every night (albeit later and later). I am thinking he has another family, but this family evidently does not feed or water him. He arrives back hungry and thirsty and tired and wanting cuddles.

And this is just for Mary. I thought it might amuse you.


Anonymous said...

Simon wants to know why he hasnt been to this restaurant before. How was the food? Looked like a nice atmosphere. Slightly envious at you all being able to sit outside, enjoying the cool night air, whilst I'm over here wearing mittens indoors.Temp falling to below zero tonight. Brrrrr.

Jenn said...

Well it was our first time too. It's near Chubby's place and he discovered it and really loved it. The food was mondo good. Yes, you guys should definitely try it...but then you donch like foreign food when you're here...only local.