Saturday, November 27, 2010

Things To Be Happy About

1. Arnold is home, inconveniently stretched out, as is his wont, in the corridor (so that you trip on him if you don't watch where you're going) blissfully content with a bellyful of meat (the latest meal being compliments of Dadda) rather than out in this awful storm, where I would have to worry about him.

2. I've just finished the second of the presents I'm making (my part anyway, I still have to take it to be bound) and it turned out beautifully. Woo hoo! Getting more and more into the mood.

3. In about an hour and a quarter will be going for a birthday dinner with Addy at a new place in Damansara Heights.

4. Have made up a list of baked goods that everyone is getting...and yay, it's almost time to start baking.

5. Finished the third story yesterday. I only have another three left for the year.

6. Have posted my final Christmas card today. The post office was actually open. Yippeee!

7. Got the odour absorber which is now doing its good work in my car which, persists, even after the expensive steam cleaning of cushions, to smell faintly of Arnold's puke.

8. Lucia is as bewitching as ever and keeps me rivetted. Molto bene, as she would say.

9. I bought a roll of actual scotch tape in a hardware shop so I can start wrapping presents.

10. Tomorrow Julie and I will be going Christmas shopping with Chubbieeeeeee. A tree, decorations, my cup runneth over.

11. I found a packaging shop at Jaya One which among others, has the bubble envelopes so dear to my heart, packing boxes (in case I want to send someone a Christmas box) and which binds books. What more can I ask for?

12. My printer works.

13. After two years, I'm finally figuring out how to use my camera.

14. The new sofa is very comfortable. I fell asleep on it during the worst of the storm with Arnold close by.

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