Monday, July 09, 2007


The office. Me bent over a piece of typed paper, following, as the boss practises declaiming speech. The boss, busy declaiming.

Me (interrupting): Hey Boss, I need July 21st off.

Boss: (interrupted, mid-declamation): Why?

Me: Harry Potter coming out. I need a day or two to read it.

Boss (checking calendar on his computer): OK, you can have the day off.

Me (gaping wordlessly, wondering why boss is being so nice to me):

Boss: In fact, I'll let you take the next day off too, if you need to.

Me: Why?

Boss: Weekend.


lakeside ling said...


goldennib said...

Your boss is so good to you; D

It's my husband's BD party weekend and he expects me to pay attention to him. That is not right.

I'll read inbetween telling him how wonderful he is. Do you think it will work?

Damien said...

ha ha ha. Funny dialogue. Interesting idea to blog a dialog. I've never seen that before. Maybe I'll try it. I found your blog through hcg's blog. I'll be back to read more for sure.

Grey Shades said...

LOL!! Some boss you got! :)

Jackie said...

Oh, he got you good, girl! LOL

hot coffee girl said...

Calling late due to a hangover is perfectly acceptable at my work. Although last night we drank many beers and played "cornhole" until late.

So I think Harry Potter might be okay to take off for, too. If you said that there would be wine involved.

Jenn said...

Ling: Haha, thanks.

Nessa: I don't know about this you really have to have a party? Can't you postpone it to the week after? Doesn't he realise how important this is to you?

Damien: Hello, welcome to my blog. HCG is great isn't she?

Grey: Yeah, some boss!

Jackie: He got me this time. I'll get him the next time.

HCG: Don't you just love start-ups? All that energy and flexibility before it gets boring and bureaucratic?