Sunday, July 22, 2007

Desperately Seeking Harry Potter

It's Sunday morning, and while the rest of the world (I'm talking about you Jackie) have their noses pleasurably buried between the covers of the latest Harry Potter, I'm re-reading Pickwick Papers.


Because I haven't got my hands on the Deathly Hallows.

Johor, in its infinite wisdom and ulu-ness doesn't seem to have a copy for love or money.

But all is not lost. I'm going to Singapore tonight, and perchance, at the airport, I can scare up a copy.

I think the lowest circle of hell is reserved for those who perpetrate Harry Potter spoilers on the fans. Dante didn't think to include them because he hadn't read Harry Potter yet. Am sure, he's somewhere in Paradiso now, nodding and agreeing with me.


M.P. said...

The NYT published an early spoiler.

Note to self: do not read New York Times this whole week.

Hubby had the book mailed to HIS OFFICE, so now we have to wait. Oh wait..*I* have to wait. That's right.

Have started on scarf! I shall post some photos of the progress on my Flickr. :D Exciting...and well...yarny.

Jenn said...

M.P.: You're getting me all excited now! Have you read The Knitting Sutra by Susan Lydon? It was that book that actually got me thinking I might take up knitting...:)