Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rosamond Vincy

She frightened TS Eliot far more than Regan or Goneril. She didn't try to justify or defend her actions. George Eliot hated her - the delicate flower, with blue eyes, golden ringlets, a mincing walk, a tinkling laugh, who played the piano so prettily.

The infamous Rosamond Vincy of Middlemarch.

Capricious? Petulant? Spoilt?

Yes, yes, yes.

Also very pretty.

And she always got her way.

So I'm thinking that instead of trying to move mountains (for mountains, read resident MCPs or nasty partners who think they should always have the upper hand) I shall Rosamond Vincy them. Smile prettily (well, as prettily as I can), nod my head earnestly while they explain to me in words of one syllable why their way is better.

Then go ahead and do exactly as I please.

EXACTLY as I please.


lemontree said...

great idea!

btw jenn, am visiting KL this saturday- tuesday for a client conference

you going to be in town???

would be nice to put a face

let me know

Jackie said...

:-) That's always worked for me, Jenn!

Hey, how cool is lemontree's invite! I can't imagine really getting to meet someone from the blogosphere!

Jenn said...

Hey Lemon: Well I'll be away for the weekend in JB as my sainted mamma is flying off somewhere and I need to go send her off. But Monday sounds good. A few things though, I'll need to know your name and where you're can email me...:)

Jackie: I fully expect to meet you some day!

goldennib said...

I have done this on occasion, but I have trouble doing it for any length of time. So cool that you will meet Lemon!

Jackie said...

Jenn - I would just love that! And you are welcome anytime. And I'm guaranteeing you, if we met - it would be because you came HERE. I do not, will not, cannot fly.

Jenn said...

Nessa: It would be cool to meet any one of you. You're all cool.

Jackie: OK, OK. I love flying.

ling said...

Jenn said...

Oh man! How many times is Cate gonna play Elizabeth?