Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bonny, blithe and...?

Scene: Grand City.
Cast: Me, Mary Z and some guy who is a friend of Mary's and an acquaintance of mine.

I toy negligently with my new citrine ring while shooting barbs at acquaintance who has decided it is his mission in life to provoke me. Acquaintance notices.

Acquaintance: Are you engaged?

Me: Yes.

A: Who's the lucky, I mean unlucky guy?

Me: You heteros are so presumptuous. What makes you think it's a guy?

A (does the goldfish mouth thing) Then turning to Mary: You knew she was ...?

Mary (raises an eyebrow as in what's the big deal if she is): Yes.

Acquaintance lapses into blessed silence for the first time tonight, shooting baffled glances at me. I handle these baffled glances with equanimity, feeling smug and implacable.

Bonny, blithe and...?


goldennib said...

Yay for shutting certain people up.

L. said...

Touche - you feint words and barbs like Scaramouche!

Jackie said...

Oh, you have a little mean streak, don't you Jenn?! I like that!

lemontree said...

hi jenn
i leave for KL tonight

can u please mail me your contact no. at

this is shefali :)

Jenn said...

Nessa: Yay indeed. Some people are unintentionally invasive.

L: Hello. Great to see you here. Tried clicking to see who you were and um, you're kinda anonymous? Anyway I have to google to see who this Scaramouche fler is.

Jackie: Mean? If I were mean I would have simply told him he was noisome and disgusting, walked up and left.

Lemon: Have done the needful. Look forward to seeing you.