Friday, July 06, 2007


In 1997, I went to sleep.

In 2007, I woke up.


Got out of bed.

Looked around me.

The world has changed.

It feels different.

And I've forsaken my faithful blue-lined private journals, to type all these words on a keypad.

As real as reality tv.

I edit.

Shhh...come here, I'll tell you a secret.

(sotto voce) This is not really me.

But then, you probably figured that out by now, right?


john calica said...

this is mind bending :)

Jenn said...


Ling said...

I miss the life unedited.

Contemplating on keeping a bound journal...but they always seem to end up stored away in a box, only one page filled with high expectations.

Jenn said...

Life unedited is wonderful. But then I keep revisiting memories and wishing I could edit them.