Friday, July 27, 2007

Nipples Galore

If you're a guy and you live in the KL vicinity, would you consider squeezing into a fetching pair of fishnet stockings, donning a wig, dusting on some make-up and sashaying so they believe you?

Too macho for that?

Pity. My gym locker room is like no place I've ever been in Malaysia. Turn around and you're confronted with a pair of nipples unashamed as some girl, who has just worked out, examines her breasts critically, trying to decide if she's lost weight there. Even better, today, her friend keeps poking her perky boobies, to help her decide.

I avert my eyes, with typical Jacobean embarrassment. We don't do nudity in our family. No, not even among the sisters.

I think the women are becoming more comfortable, with each other, with the gym, and just can't be bothered to trudge all the way to one of the showers, to disrobe. No, they do it in front of you, with a lack of self consciousness that I both envy and eviscerate.

Sometimes, they strip off their knickers (although this is rarer) and there they are, perfect long tanned bodies for all to see, while they pull on their fancy gym doodads which probably cost more than my last three outfits put together. The type of girls who don't sweat at the gym, they glow and acquire that attractive rosy flush.

Geez, re-reading this post, I think I'm not pretending about the lesbian thing any more...I just well might be.


hot coffee girl said...

I won't even get naked in front of myself.

And what's this "gym" that you speak of?

Jackie said...

Funny. People are so different, aren't they? And, Jenn, if you were, would it be so bad? :-)

Marge said...

I think if any of the overly-tanned, surgically-altered biddies at our community gym got nekkid in the locker room in all their dingly-dangliness, I would DIE.

Grey Shades said...

Man i shud visit this place :)

Jenn said...

HCG: You and me both. Nudity is so, I kinda joined a gym like a few months ago, because I kinda got sick of bursting out of all my clothes, and not in a good way.

Jackie: Um, yeah. I don't think I could do the nudie beach thingy you know....

Marge: I know how you feel.

Grey: The fishnet stockings and wig OK with you? Your friend stood me up. I was seriously displeased.