Friday, October 01, 2010

Wide Open

I am sitting cross-legged on my bed, listening to the patter of "after-rain", that is the remnants of rain after the fury of the storm has been spent, waiting for my two sets of fish fillet mcvalue meals. Basically because after ordering my father not to walk out and get sardines (he gets dizzy when he walks out but he still insists on doing it) I went back to sleep (the sleep of the dead) and did not emerge from the deeps until past one o'clock. During which time the D-man was already hungry and grumpy and rhubarbing about how we would have gotten the sardines if it hadn't been for me barking out orders in my sleep.

Anyways, Macker's calls to say the order has been delayed because of fury of said storm and asks if this will be OK. What can I say? I'm hungry, he's hungry, but of course it's OK, especially as the mahjong game has started in the house opposite and those lizards are leering at my parking place with their evil covetous unblinking eyes.

"If you go, they're going to take your place," Dadda observes irritably.

"Yeah," I sigh, and proceed to call McDonald's.

I was up till 3 this morning, transcribing an interview and writing the story. That's why. And the rain, which sinks me into delicious somnolence, made me sleep even more deeply and of course, much longer.

I seem to be tired all the time. Part of it is work. Part of it is my habit of doing four rounds around the Kiara arboretum that exhausts me physically. Part of it is my late nights (OK there was one late night for fun and the rest of the late nights, were nothing more glamorous than work).

The editors have a habit of assigning me things last minute. Like a call I receive at 10 o'clock at night asking what I'm doing tomorrow. Because, there is an interview and they have nobody to send for it. I make the mistake of not researching the company before I go on said interview and leave out a heap of interesting questions.

Wandering around in a haze I don't seem to be able to look forward to anything. I have an assignment tomorrow morning (early night tonight then) and another next Saturday, and an appointment with the eye doctor (Dadda's not mine) next Friday. Other than that my week is wide open.

Wide, wide open.

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