Friday, October 15, 2010

Conversations, Canines and Divine Chuckles

Me: So then how?

What this means is, how do I get to the frigging place? You said you would be sending me directions but it's already 8 and as yet zilch. Aren't you playing at 9.30? (Amazing, the conversation that can be compressed into three little words)

Mark: Jen, not playing reef...sick as a dog la.

Which is kind of self explanatory and not nearly as cryptic as my message that I sent apropos of nothing.

Me: Poor thing. What happened?

Mark: Phluuuuu

Me: It hasn't affected your spelling anyway.

Mark: Hehehe.

Which is why I didn't end up at The Reef last night. No, I was free to stay home and transcribe. Did I? Well actually, I lost multiple rounds of Spider Solitaire while watching about seven episodes of M*A*S*H* third season.

Today I interviewed someone I had obviously met before. We both had that, I've seen you some place before look when introduced. Interesting interview. Nice guy. Said if he helped me with larger article I'll have to buy him a drink. Then said, ssssshhhhh, looking around furtively to see that no one was listening. His PR was, but she just smiled. And I said, OK, as long as it's at a dive of my choosing (no prizes for guessing which) rather than swanky places like the Hilton.

There is a fine layer of dust on everything. It feels icky on my tongue, the soles of my feet, my hair, my desk, my dressing table, oh, just about everything. Can't wait for these renovations to be done with. Unsettling is what it is.

Arnold wagged his tail on seeing me today. He is alert and active and getting cuter by the minute. Look at what just a little good food and proper care can do? And he licked me. Another first.

He is also getting quite heavy and I puff and pant carrying him downstairs so he doesn't go potty on the stairs again. One of the docs there chatted with me and helped me strap him to his leash. Arnold boy is obviously a favourite but he chews on the lock of his cage at night. I'm thinking a few runs should dissipate some of that excess energy. He ran today. Pulled me along. And peed like there was an ocean sloshing around in his bladder.

I was supposed to leave for JB today but it's 9pm and I still haven't. Mum said not to come if I'm too tired. She said, put your friends off. Tell them next time.

Sigh. I think I'm gonna have to.

You wanna hear God laugh?

Tell Him your plans.

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