Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Burst Pipes, Work, Mark and Arnold

Burst pipes: The kitchen pipe had been leaking for some time shooting streams of water all over the place. Julie had bandaged it with tape, tea towels and tremendous optimism. It exploded today. So she left with instructions to have it fixed. I called a plumber who came late and everything erupted into a drama slightly less dramatic than a burst pipe because my father tends to work himself up to a steam when kept waiting.

Not good, Benny, not good at all.

Work: So there I was furiously trying to transcribe two interviews (I managed one and a half), emailing those who hadn't given me any replies (I need to keep track, I've lost track), and then (thank God the pipes were fixed) having a quick shower, some won ton noodles and heading out for my interview in the heart of the city. It went very very well. I can't believe I never heard of this lady when I was editor of that stinky magazine. She's a veteran in the industry, really smart and so nice. (the trick to this is keeping ahead of the transcriptions)

Mark: It was supposed to last an hour but it lasted two, so when I was all done it was 5pm and ping, that's the time Mark starts to play (at least I think it is) and there I was, a stone's throw from the place. So I texted him and drove to the hotel. Parked my car, walked to the lounge, seated myself and then noticed the text which said, sorry not today, private function. Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! Anyways, he was there to help his friend, who was covering for him, set up. He said, come to The Reef on Thursday lar. I said, I don't know where it is. He said former Mons (at least I think he said Mons). Still didn't know where that was. He said, why, this place was your time what? So I punched him for being ageist. And he had to run.

Arnold: I was not going to stick around if Mark was not playing. And luckily all this happened under 15 minutes which meant that, I didn't have to pay for parking. Haha. So I drove to the veterinary hospital instead. Saw my little Black Arnold. It was feeding time and he was excited. Then I took him for a walk. Went next door to the pet shop to get an overpriced leash to do the job. Arnold pooped and peed so much I started to think that he hadn't done either in a week. Since I already have the leash, I think I'll take him for a walk whenever I can make it there. Wound still ugly. But healing. (I can't see it granulating but it looks less holey I guess)

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