Friday, October 22, 2010

Because I love you...

Hey there. It's me again. After not blogging for close to a week, being knee deep in interviews and transcriptions and articles I had to write (way to go, Jenny!), I am favouring you with a second blog post in one day. Why?

Because, as they say in the Mickey Mouse Club, I love you.

So here goes:

See, in the 1930s, this place was second to KL. Now this is all that's left. By the way, in case you're wondering, this is the place young Arnold and I took a jaunt too that fateful Sunday, when he wound me around his little paw forever.

See, the thing about this place is that there was a brick factory (now abandoned). And the thing about the brick factory is that there are an awful lot of chimneys around.

More chimneys. Or perhaps it's the same one from a different angle. Who knows.

Chimneys galore!

The opposite of chimneys: A canopy of trees!

More bricks...

Hole in the wall!

How you can tell a place is old. More than the dingy, dirty shophouses, it's the quaint old tumbledown houses.

My little chum-chum!

My favouritest Indian boy!!!!!! (Be still my heart)

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