Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Dog and I

OK, here's the thing about Arnold. He likes human food. That's not to say if you buy say, chicken rice, he will scarf the whole thing. No. He must see you eat it first, sit at your feet and stare up at you hungrily, and then when you put the leftovers in his bowl, he will devour the food. Now, if you buy him human food and don't eat it first (transfer it directly to his bowl) he figures there must have been something wrong with the food to begin with and after a few desultory bites, he crawls under the table to watch you eating something totally different.

Dadda, is surprisingly, the biggest pushover when it comes to this. I bought them chicken rice for lunch, asked the Uncle to "tambah", gave Arnold the excess, which he quickly finished and then came into the hall to watch Dadda eat. Finally, the Big D couldn't take it anymore and gave the rest of the food to him. And when I called to ask him what he wanted for tea, he said:

"The fellow is hungry lar. Get something for him."

So I did. Rice and a very nice mutton curry. But because I didn't eat it first, Arnold rejected it.

Needless to say now, he doesn't even touch his dog food. I transferred his breakfast to one of those little free tupperware thingies and put it under a car at the end of the road where another stray hangs out. I figure this one will be less fussy than our little black ball of fur.

Little black ball of fur threw up in my car yesterday and it smells to high heavens. So I took it in for a wash but they simply vacuumed the inside without any water and soap action - so it still smells.

The vet said his wound is not healing as fast as it should and they may have to open him up again to see if there are any maggots left inside.

In the meantime, he continues to be his charming self and I continue to worry about him.

Something is wrong with my light. It keeps blinking. Probably has to do with the renovations. (Our electrical appliances are acting up).

I was supposed to return to JB today after an interview.

I am supposed to get back to a PR company on some speeches they wanted me to write.

I think I'll have another lollipop.

(When in doubt, always non sequitur)

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