Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Attreversiamo (Let's Cross Over)

Kinokuniya have just texted to tell me that they got my Art of the Novel by Milan Kundera and could I please swing by and get it. I wish they had told me yesterday when I was in KLCC itself for an interview. But regrets are futile and unnecessary and they don't actually DO anything.

Arnold has developed pus around a seemingly innocuous hole in his head. I am wondering whether he should go board with the vet again so he gets his wounds properly seen to. Here, although I clean them, the house is in an uproar with dust and paint and sand (renovations - everything looks all fucked up) and this stuff must be getting into his wounds. They haven't been healing properly.

There seems to be such a lot wrong with my boy. When the more alarming things are taken care off, other things pop up. Like his enlarged prostate. Today he made Dadda angry. Julie was sleeping on the sofa (her room is unlivable and Chubs's room, which she was sleeping in, has just been painted) and when she got up to go to work, Arnold took her place on the sofa. I think he just wanted to sleep in some place with her smell (Jules has become his favourite member of the family) and Dadda completely freaked out. Told me about it and said, I shouted at him, and he knew he had done wrong.

I'm afraid I just laughed.

He's lying near me now. In one of his customary naps (he has about 300 a day). It's getting more and more difficult to feed him because, though always hungry, he's taken to rejecting food. He rejects his own food, he rejects our food, and while on the one hand I want to starve him until he's hungry enough not to be fussy, on the other hand, the last time I made a start at it, his stomach started growling alarmingly and it scared the crap out of me.

There are other interesting things happening but I just feel like blogging about Arnold and nothing else. Go figure!

I want this chaos to be over and everything to settle down once more. Everything feels filthy, covered with a layer of crud.

It's nearly November. I want to go home.

PS: The title was taken from Eat, Pray, Love. Which I watched yesterday. And loved. Absolutely.

Let's cross over!


Anonymous said...

maybe you could cover his wound wiyh a dressing to protect it from the dust.

Anonymous said...

from jacky

Jenn said...

Maybe. But the doc doesn't want me to cover it. And it spewed pus again while I was taking him for a walk (after I had cleaned it for the second time)

Anonymous said...

Hows Arnold today? jacky

Jenn said...

Still a lot of pus coming out. Have to take him to vet and leave him there.

Otherwise he's a healthy old dog. Eating too much. Ignoring me when I call him (ada angin), except when I'm eating during which time he sits as close as he can and stares at me imploringly.

Scored a LOT of food today. (which he loved). Also had a bath (which he hated).

I think Chubs is starting to take to him. Except that he's an aloof doggie and doesn't come when called. Except when Julie is the one who calls him.