Friday, May 02, 2008

Walking In This World

I'm sitting at the lobby of the Putrajaya International Convention Centre. The boss is here to shoot the opening montage for his appearance as The Terminator (the CEO for the last four episodes) in The Firm 2. It involves a lot of standing around and looking cool. I got bored watching, so here I am with my laptop plugged into one of the numerous power points (they are numerous but inconveniently situated), taking advantage of the excellent wi-fi provided. (I think all of KL should be wifi-ed, that way we will always be connected to our blogs and our Facebook, what else is there?)

OK Zafrul is now doing his opening shot which involves walking through automatic doors and answering his Blackberry. (The most natural shot of him, I think)

He told me his speech in Kuwait went OK. Thing is, the three other speakers on his panel spoke in Arabic. He was the only one to speak in English and everyone had these little earphones for translation purposes. He said his speech at PNB had gone better. Thing is, it's over, and he is not really interested in going through either to give me feedback about audience response.

All the contestants for The Firm 2 are sitting around. They look like a particularly serious bunch. One of them is so tall and formidable that I'm actually a little intimidated by her. They're all in suits. And here I am in my jeans and crumpled Tune Money polo shirt. They look tired. They've been shooting since about seven this morning. It's now past noon. (I think we've been booked to be here until 2 but I can't be sure).

I used the new highway to get to Putrajaya. It cost only RM2.50 in tolls (OK all roads lead to PLUS) which was not bad (considering) and it was fast and traffic was so very light. I wish I had used this way to get to the airport before. Next time I will.

It's funny that the most glamorous shot of CEOs these days is one of them walking while conversing on their Blackberries, heads furrowed in concentration, because they are so important that they have to be constantly in meetings, even while walking.

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