Friday, May 09, 2008

Rainbows and Scarlet Ribbons

My pay is in today. I logged on to my internet banking account and regarded the figures there with satisfaction. Now, ever since last month, I read about about "managing money" which means I need to divide and apportion the money for various things.

First thing to be cleared is my credit card bill. So I wrote out the cheque and made sure I transferred enough money from my savings to current account. Oh boy, that left a hole. But never mind. I will regard it as a one-off thing. Yes, one off. (Chubs, you still haven't paid me yet, you pandi!)

Then I shifted money across accounts for other stuff (like the delayed gratification account) and will be transferring a little to the "financial freedom account". I am pretty chuffed that last month, I actually made my first investment. Now, for someone who has never bought so much as a stock on the exchange, this is a pretty big deal. The company wrote to me and asked if I'd like to go for an investment talk this coming weekend but I had to decline with regret. I can't go home for weekends until I finish the present yoga card and choose different days for my yoga practice as I've decided I'd rather offend God than my yoga instructor. God would forgive me. The yoga instructor will just freeze me off. (I am a huge coward and coldness works better than anything else for controlling purposes, that is, until I cotton on to the fact that you're being cold on purpose to modify my behaviour).

I also wrote out two cheques for my "giving" account. I'm pretty pleased to have found charities that I like very much and I actually want to support. (To say nothing of the tax deduction benefits, which I only realised this year when Chubs, who was doing my taxes asked, what charities have you contributed to, and I shrugged, dunno, and asked why, and he said, it's a deduction, and I said, oh)

I love my filing cabinet. It holds my tax files, my book receipts and contribution receipts and all the stuff I need for next year. It's about the only thing that's neat in my nightmare of a room. I think tomorrow, I will have to work at cleaning it. It's really a disgrace and I cannot think in there. I mean, I haven't written anything in years. Literally. Because everything is so cluttered. Yuck!

Oh well, once more into the fray...

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