Thursday, May 01, 2008

Stuff Like That

I miss Jackie. She's gone back to England (although she called and spoke at length). I miss Mary. She's gone back to SP.

But it was a peaceful day nonetheless. Started off with yoga at ten in the morning where I failed to distinguish myself (so what else is new). Then I came home and sweltered in this unmitigated heat (no, no rain, no rain at all, what is up with the universe?) and sweated, showered, sweated some more, showered some more). Then in the evening I took myself off to my yoga centre for a night of "musical healing". This guy plays various ragas on a flute. Each raga is meant to stimulate a different emotion (happiness, peace, etc).

We had to intone some notes to stimulate various chakras in ascending and descending order.

Then lie back and listen.

It was so good.

I fell fast asleep. I may have even snored. I came back up to the surface when Van (the owner of Yoga2Health)'s voice parted the mists of sleep. She urged us to do a namaste, open our chakra centre and send peace and love to various countries and people. If you're reading this, you were probably on the receiving end).

Anyway I emerged from there very peaceful. I think that all this healing makes me feel good temporarily because what's broken is still broken. I need to heal the cause rather than the effect. Sweep up the broken glass. Dissolve my pain body. You know, stuff like that.

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