Friday, August 04, 2006

The writer is an instrument of transformation

It seems to me that the intersection between the writer's life and a writer's work is irrelevant to the reader. The reader is not being offered a chunk of the writer or a direct insight into the writer's mind, the reader is being offered a separate reality.

Jeanette Winterson.

Justin may not agree.


QuillDancer said...

All writing is subjective. Even the most precise fact-based news report is subjective. I say this because it is the writer that choses the words, and the words convey the story from the writer's POV.

Fiction writing is wholly subjective and it is literally "a chunk of the writer's mind.". The writer has fabricated a world his/her readers buy into. That world is based on thoughts, ideas and experiences unique to that one writer. Many is the time an interesting idea in fiction has created in me a curiosity about the person behind the creations.

Now, saying I have a right to the writer's personal information is a bit different. I do think a few basic facts can and should be shared, but I do not believe that as a reader I have the right to invade the personal life of my favorite authors.

Whew! My reply is longer than your post!

QuillDancer said...

Too funny, I hadn't read Justin's post yet, so I took you seriously! Hahahahaha!

Buddha said...

yes! yes!

Thanks for posting that wonderful bit of wisdom.

Jenn said...

Quilly: Hahahahaha...I guess what Winterson was objecting to was the reader's arrogance in assuming they know "all about the author" from the perusal of a few books. (Actually that may not be true, she may have been objecting to something else, I will have to have read a whole lot more before I guess what).]

Quilly: Yeah, I figured...:)

Buddha: Hmmmm....are you taking the piss?