Wednesday, March 05, 2008


So there I was reading my book on ho'oponopono at this little kopi tiam at Sri Hartamas. Mary and I had gone there once for breakfast and I remembered it as being peaceful, soothing and out of the way. Oh yeah, and the food was nice.

However, this had been on a Saturday morning. Which is very different from a Tuesday afternoon. I fought my way through extremely slow-moving traffic to get there and wondered if I would be able to get a parking space anywhere close by.

Whaddyaknow, I got one almost directly in front of the kopi tiam, woo hoo! I texted Jerry (of Backyard fame) to see if he was anywhere close by, but he was off for a meeting and said, see ya later, darlin'!

So nemmind, I was eating my excellent fried rice and reading my book, when I looked up to see VJ, one of the Backyard musicians, passing by. He came and joined me, looking tired and out of it. Thing about VJ is that he is almost always upbeat and springy, so it was quite strange to see him out of it. He said he'd join me for a while, and me, being me, told him all about the book I was reading and the formula for "cleaning".

He listened and smiled. I asked him if anything was wrong and he told me that a coupla things were preying on his mind. This and that. We talked about "this and that". (I am an inveterate busybody and I like knowing everybody's business)

Anyway I ended up going home with him (he lived around the corner) and hanging out. It was a nice large spacious house he shared with a few people. His little doggie Chloe came over and proceeded to lick my face with some intensity. She was a very loving dog.

VJ shared his philosophy on life and gave me one of his paintings. He also proceeded to sketch me as I sat curled up on the sofa, dreading having to go back to the office and tackle insurance web content (does anyone know how to spell BORING?)

It was an unexpected afternoon.

I like unexpected afternoons.

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