Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Flowers in My Hair

So now I've got flowers in my hair. I went to the one place in BV2 where you can buy fake orchids attached to clips and scrunchies and tried on various variations. Of course, since I had just re-layered my hair, I had difficulty getting anything to stick. But I was DETERMINED to have flowers in my hair. If this was the closest I could get to pretending I was in Hawaii, I would do it.

Then a lady walked in. She had recent stitches on her lip and looked kind of sad. She saw me trying on the various flowers and said, hey that looks cool. And although I don't think she meant to buy any flowers for her own hair, she ended up doing so. She told me she had spent 10 years in the US (5 in New York and 5 in LA) and was not exactly thrilled to be back. Especially since one of her friends was behind bars for having spoken out against injustice.

"You know freedom of speech is something you take for granted there. Coming back is like taking 10 steps back. I just can't believe it."

She looked sad and tired and pained.

We chatted and one of her friends came up and joined us. Her friend is a Backyard kaki. I asked if they would like to join me there (yesterday being Monday and all). But they begged off. Seems like my new friend had just had her lip stitched up. She was in pain and did not feel like facing a bar full of guys.

Her friend, the Backyard kaki, said that this pub is not like that. Nobody would even look at you. Hmmm. I don't know about that, but it is one of the most laidback pubs in KL and everybody knows everybody and there is a sort of ease and family atmosphere.

Anyways, they called me later to say, not today. Maybe Friday? I said, sure, no problem.

And with much difficulty, I attached the flowers to my pitiful shrunken ponytail (I don't think I will be layering my hair much from now on) and walked around trying to pretend I was in Hawaii. Except that I wasn't. So I got back home and shared a pitiful meal with the Dadda man who then watched his customary football while I got onto the computer and played a couple (or a coupla hundred) rounds of Spider Solitaire.

Then I had a shower and washed out all the purple glitter from my eyes, and settled down underneath warm sheets to shiver and read my book on ho'oponopono.

Tiny bubbles in the wine,
make me happy, make me feel fine,
tiny bubbles make me warm all over
with a feeling that I'm gonna love you 'til the end of time.


Marge said...

Flowers - left side, you're taken; right side, you're ready to be taken. :)

I wish I could get away with wearing head lei here. They might make me hula in the snow.

Jenn said...

OK I want flowers all over my hair - like a hakulei, y'know?

Marge said...

Go for it! :D

I think you should get yourself a ticket to Honolulu :) - even a few days there would be lovely. Leave the throngs of Waikiki for Waimanalo or the North Shore, eat pineapples picked fresh (with a dash of li hing mui), and watch the sunset with laughter and music in your ears. Good times, for real. :)