Monday, March 03, 2008

Purple Glitter

So there I am leaning back in this comfortable leather armchair with this nice lady rubbing lavender lotion into my feet. Another nice lady is filing my nails. Square instead of moon-shaped this time around.

And they ask me, do you want nail polish?

And I nod: Yes. Purple glitter.

And they giggle. And I giggle. Because it is all so funny. Purple glitter is not sober. But to hell with sober. I am THROUGH being sober. I will be ME!

So yesterday I wander around Megamall searching for the tackiest glittery purple earrings I can find to match my now glitterry fingernails and toenails. I didn't find the tackiest, but I found some that were close. (3 for RM10, tacky is not expensive)

And I also want to buy those flowers that I can pin into my hair. I want flowers in my hair. I want leis and hakuleis. I want Hawaii. I want gently swaying hips to Tiny Bubbles (what's that guy's name again?) I want to embrace my hippie side (to hell with dark corporate clothes and stiff-collared Raoul shirts and cuff links).

Something is happening. Some change. Some revolution. Inside me.

I know now that the reason I was severely under the weather last week was because of my wisdom tooth coming out and causing a ruckus in my gums pushing all the other teeth aside. I know God is wise and all but I still don't get the wisdom behind wisdom teeth. Oh well. Some mysteries are meant to remain mysteries, I guess.

OK I need to go have banana leaf with Nits now. We're trying to decide between Anjappar's in Bangsar and Kanna's Curry House in Section 17.

Either way, yum!

Later for you.

Addendum: Oh and I forgot to add. On Saturday I quit the gym. Of course, informing the gym that I was quitting on the 1st of the month is never a good idea. Especially since their invoices go out on the 25th of the month, which means I was stuck paying for another month and I may just use it in the mornings (though I've decided not to gym at night as there's too much noise). I've quit the gym and joined a yoga place that's like really serious about the whole thing. So I will assume the lotus position and intone "Ham sa". And from now on you'll find me calm, centered and so very ethereal.



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