Monday, June 25, 2007

Things ridiculous!

OK it's one thing to go tumbling down the stairs. It's another for Mum to blame it on crazy fortune teller giving me the evil eye.

So I tumbled last night. My feet wet from the bathroom slipped on the edges of the stairs and thump, thump, thump, Mums felt the reverberations throughout the house. Once I stalled, I came down crying (OK, fake crying, but still) and Mum rubbed Deep Heat where I said it hurts. (Mostly my left shoulder and my left elbow)

Then I watched Borat and laughed immoderately. Then I watched White Chicks and ditto. (because laughter is the best medicine and if you don't believe me ask Norman Cousins). But I tossed and turned in bed yesterday and woke up in pain.

No way I was going to be able to drive back to KL. So I called in sick.

I thought I was only accident prone in the car.

Now car is nicely serviced and fixed and washed (I washed it last night and also scrubbed Maggotty again because he went under Ivan's car and got grease stains all over his pretty self) and I look a little worse for wear.

Julie said aiyo, aiyo, aiyo and she thinks I should rest.

I think so too.

As for crazy fortune teller, I'll tell you the story some other time.


joyce said...

Great blog! Laughter is the best medicine - yes I agree. Well, life my seem hard sometimes, but take a simple smile in everything.. ;)
Anyways, glad to hear that you're able to fixed your car. My car is at the shop right now, the mazda fenders and other accessories needs a replacement.
Oh, I'm looking forward about the story of the crazy fortune teller. lol

Grey Shades said...

Thump! Thump! Thump??? Ouch! Now as much as that was bad it kinda made me laugh... I have this bad habit of laughing when people fall. I guess it runs in the family.

dandelion said...

Hey Jensy...haven't been here in a long time...are you ok? are we still on for tea and ur CD of naked men this evening :)Not sure if u've made it back to KL?
Talk soon. Hope you're feeling better.

Jenn said...

Joyce: Hello, welcome here. Thanks. I can't wait to tell it now I'm feeling all better.

Grey: You unfeeling boy you! Actually, I laugh when people fall down too. Automatic reaction.

Dandy: CD of naked men? I racked my brains trying to figure out which one because I think naked men are so unappetising. No, am not back yet because I was unfit for driving. (aiyo, you accessing this from work ah?)

goldennib said...

My goodness...tumbling and writing up a storm.

I hope you are not too stiff and bruised.

I loved reading about your weekend. You haven't talked this much in ages. I like.

Jackie said...

Oh, yes, tell us about the fortune teller - I know that story will be good! Hope you are all mended now.

Jenn said...

Nessa: It was just one of those weekends.

Jackie: Just did.