Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Pimple on the Nether End of History

I have a giant zit in the middle of my left cheek. It's purple and looks like a bruise. Like someone hit me. Or something.

At least that's what everyone is telling me:

"Is that where you fell?"

"Oh dear, what's that on your face?"

"Have you tried Body Shop's blemish stick? You should. Contains tea tree oil."

"Aiyo girl, put aloe vera on your face lar!"

(The last, in case you're not family and have never met her, is from my Mum)

Sort of takes me back to adolescence when I lived with such a persistent pimple problem that everyone who saw me (and I mean everyone) would pull me aside to give me advice.

"Do you wash your face with Kao Biore?"

"Regular soap, you know just regular soap is enough."


"Eh, that Oxy 10 is goodlar."

The most memorable of course was the mad guy at church. There weren't enough seats so I was standing outside with some family, when mad guy approached, stared hard at my face and declared in a loud voice that I should try charcoal for the pimples. As I tried to surreptitiously sink into the ground, my uncle laughed, gave him a dollar and sent him on his merry way. Everyone was amused. Everyone, that is, but me.

I now wear large zit proudly.

Excuse me while I heat the needle.


goldennib said...

That's just the poison from the evil eye coming out.

Grey Shades said...

The part abt the madman coming over and giving you advice abt that was jus hilarious! :)))

Jackie said...

This amuses me - mostly because our family always think it's necessary to give everyone advice. For their own good, of course.

Jenn said...

The rest of the family are generally very good about the pimples. They just stare in horror and not say anything.

john calica said...

I used to have a zit problem until one day, they just abandoned me, making slightly noticeable appearances every once in a while. It was the nicest exit anyone or anything has ever made in my life.

Maybe your purplish zit is there to teach you something. And I believe you are wise enough to unravel the mystery.

Poke it with that needle :)

Lakeside Ling said...

lightning struck for a moment.

i havent had anyone come up to me to comment about zits, but family members have a tendency to go "ohhhh you gained weight, ah?" outloud in crowded places.


Jenn said...

Nessa: I'm trying to think that too. I met someone yesterday who said, I'm actually incredibly lucky.

Grey: Haha. Bet you would have swiped him one if he had done it to you.

John: I chickened out. They are still there (two distinct giant purples) unpierced.

Ling: Yay, a new website. They've given up talking about the weight thing...but yes, that is nearly always the first thing Malaysians remark upon seeing you. Grrrrrr indeed!