Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kisses and the consequences thereof

I fell asleep at the wheel and my car kissed the car in front of me. There was a tense moment. The grey-haired guy at the wheel swivelled round to glare at me. Stunned, I allowed my car to continue kissing his car for about a minute before I cautiously put it in reverse and slid slowly backward.

We were in Jalan Sultan Ismail and it was rush hour traffic.

Note to non-Malaysians: It is always rush hour on Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Which meant he could not get out of his car and investigate the damage. I swallowed once or twice, grinned at him feebly, managed a weak wave as if to say, hey, it's not so bad, you know (actually I did none of the above, I just stared stonily ahead, stunned out of my customary somnolence).

He inched his car forward in the traffic, until he had escaped the snarl, got out and examined his back bumper. Kissed is right. There was nary a scratch. Shooting a killer glance my way, he moved off to another lane and sped out of there. I made sure I was at least a mile behind him during this operation.

A trifle shaken I made my way back to the office. I had been out on a jaunt, checking out hotels (or rather, one hotel) and the very enterprising salesperson treated me to a mega mega mega lunch (don't you think when there's too much food you cease to enjoy it?) which is why I was sooooo sleepy. Soooooooooooo sleepy.

Which all goes to show.

Lunch should be a simple sandwich.

The Coffee Bean Chipotle Chicken comes to mind.

Nadia (Din Din) has declared me a menace on the road. Since I've known her, I've hit a motorbike (stationary), a wall (stationary) and now a car in front of me (stationary).

She said I should mandi bunga. As in bathe in flowers. As in to remove whatever curse clings to my car.

I think I should get some sleep.

Good night.


goldennib said...

I always want a nap after lunch. I think I was a Mexican in a former life and I need my Siesta. Glad you are ok.

Jenn said...

Naps after lunch should be required practice. It should not be considered goofing off. No, not at all.

Mad dogs and Englishmen...

Jackie said...

I think you're probably right about the sleep, Jenn. But I'd listen to Nadia, too. You'll smell good!!

Jenn said...

Humph! I smell good already! OK. OK. I guess I could smell better...:)