Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lavender Mist

I'm sitting in front of the computer screen downstairs in JB. Mum's in the hall in front of the tv. Ivan is upstairs, either playing on his computer or reading. The doggies are resting. They had a bath today and Maggotty, being the naughty boy he is, ran away.

Some things never change.

I watched The Hot Chick for the nth time. I dunno why, I dunno why, I just love Rob Schneider as a hot chick. Before that, we watched the Longest Yard which I liked too. Surprisingly. (So we did the Adam Sandler-Rob Schneider thingy)

The drive back to JB was really pleasant. It was balmy, nice music on the radio, just me and the open highway, a few heroes on the road, but altogether OK. I actually think I like driving alone. Despite my recent bad record in the accidents department.

Mom took one look at my injured car and called Phua Chu Kang. We drove over there today after breakfast at Kerala Restaurant (I had one pal appam and one roti canai and nobody need ask why I put on a hundred pounds every time I come back to JB) and Pasar Tani (aside from mangosteens and chopped up chicken and garlic, the Big M bought an orange rose plant).

I didn't tell Moms I was coming back. I called her after I passed the Senai toll.

Moms: Jenny ah? (She could see the name on caller ID) Where are you?

Me: JB. Just passed the toll.

Moms (screeches!) You're here already? (already, though she didn't know I was coming) Aiyo! I didn't get the room ready for you! What you want to eat ah? I have to call and ask Ivan to bring something.

Me: Anythinglar. What are you guys eating?

Moms: Roti canai.

Me: Ok roti for me.

Ivan brought kueh teow instead. Mom screeched again because it has her favourite kueh teow that he had been promising to bring for a long time. So we ate kueh teow and watched the last part of Constatine. I said, but, what's happening? I don't understand. And Ivan tried to explain as we went along.

My press conference was cancelled by the way. Our partners bailed on us cos they're having a media blackout at the moment, what with listing and SEC rules and all. I sent out a press release instead. We got relatively good coverage and even appeared on the International Herald Tribune courtesy of AP. I think I love AP.

I'm listening to Mom's birthday CD and singing along to Save All Your Kisses For Me. It reminds of halcyon days of childhood before school came along and ruined my life.

Kisses for me
Save all your kisses for me
Bye bye, baby, bye bye.


Jackie said...

Jenn, I envy you a mom to go home to. Especially one that wants to feed you. :-)

Jenn said...

One that wants to feed me. Mmmmmmmm.