Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Little Musical Interlude

OK, OK, this is a departure but I want to put it up on my blog so it is always there for me to click through to. I heard it a few years ago, actually they showed the video on Malaysian tv, a filler in between serious serious Indian drama type shows (I think it was the NTV7 Sunday thingy or it may have been TV3 or RTM2) my father used to watch. Oso me. Anyway I saw this. I didn't know where it was from or anything...but I absolutely loved the song (mind you, I don't know what it means except that it is something about friendship).


goldennib said...

Very pretty.

Dandelion said...

this is beautiful!

Jenn said...

Nessa: Thanks.

Praby: Can you believe it, that fler is one of us?