Saturday, May 08, 2010

Chocolate and Adam

Today I went on eBay and bought three books by Natalie Goldberg - Banana Rose, Long Quiet Highway and Living Colour. I love her writing so much, it's so alive and present, that I wanted to binge.

Some people (including Natalie) binge on chocolate.

I binge on books.

Especially books you cannot get here. Hopefully it will arrive in the post in due course without any delays because of ash clouds and volcanoes and stroppy weather.

Today, as I sat at Starbucks and sipped my hot chocolate, licking the whipped cream off the top, I thought, chocolate makes me feel loved. So do some books. Like Martha Becks's Expecting Adam. It's such a weird, friendly book, that when I'm reading it (preferably with a cup of hot chocolate by me) I feel like a good friend is embracing me. I feel warm and tingly inside.

Maybe sometimes, you don't need to have someone across the table from you smiling in amusement and reaching out to touch you.

Maybe sometimes all you need is a glass of chocolate and a good book.

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