Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Beginning of the End (The Sequel)

There comes a time when your friends seem like strangers...not because you have ceased to love them, but because you don't really remember who they are and how you once were together.

So you step carefully, try to be polite and hope no one will notice. Oh, you may do some weird things like get off Facebook just cos suddenly, even if you've been really really careful about add-ons, it seems full of strangers.

So there you are, making it through the day, pushing through traffic until you feel your blood vessels will explode from sheer fury and impotence and suddenly you think...

I need to get out of here. Wonder if there are any jobs in Langkawi. Wonder if I could work half a day and hang out at the beach the other half.

I hate KL. I hate it so much I want to ram into the cars in front of me and scream till I pass out.

I need to get away.


John Calica said...

I feel the same way about Manila. And at times, has that urge to crash my car and shoot moronic, ugly-souled (if such a term exists)people.

Pack your bags and go on a trip someplace exotic. Wanderlust always cures the kind of crazy you and I have :)

Jenn said...

John, July 16 will find me somewhere else. Right now I'm writing about redefining the role of a statutory body. I'm becoming less and less of a business/technical as time goes on. If the story lacks romance spare me. (and yet the open road is romantic and it has always drawn me in)