Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A birthday message to be lost in the stratosphere

Another year rolls by and we are still not talking. Another birthday passes, unacknowledged.

Sometimes, I wonder how you are. Most times, you don't cross my mind.

I remember how we celebrated your birthday in times past. It was an important occassion. To be marked. Remember that year we brought the cake to the office? Also flowers. I gave you Illusions. Richard Bach. (You lent it out without reading it and never got it back) Your cake was from, where else, Kokomo. The chocolate special. And your flowers, large red, velvety roses, your favourite. We sang loudly in the pantry. You made a wish and blew out the candles.

For that one man, that one man, that one man, that one man, who would see you as you are and not as you appear, for that one man, that one man, that one man, that one man, who would love you as you are, love you as you are, love you anyway, as you are.

All those birthdays, all those cards, all those good wishes, all that love, all that good cheer...spent.

But not completely. I still have enough left inside me for a wish you will never read.

Happy Birthday.


Grey Shades said...

Know exactly how you feel! It was her birthday yest :(

hot coffee girl said...

Lovely, girl. Lovely girl.

Jackie's Garden said...

Jenn - I could have written this about someone once.

I had a very close friend for years, and then we had a large misunderstanding, and didn't speak for several years. She finally sent me a Christmas card - and I called to ask what the hell she thought she meant by that - and, thankfully, my friend is my friend again.

Maybe some day you'll share those birthdays again.

QuillDancer said...

How sad. I am glad you still care. Maybe she does, too, and doesn't know how to bridge the gap.

Jenn said...

Grey: I am sorry. It must have been very painful for you.

HCG: Thanks darlin'.

Jackie's Garden: Maybe. And maybe not. Sometimes you realise that after all those years, the entire relationship was a sham.

Quilly: It is sad. But I don't know what to do about it. Or whether I want to do anything about it. Some relationships have shelf lives.

A thinker said...

Huh. Relationships ending must be the saddest things in life.

somehow, you can never forget.