Friday, October 13, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

Hallo! Sorry about the silence. I have been sleeping. Actually at night I stay up because I cannot sleep (the haze, the heat, the incessant noise of KL) and then in the mornings I drop off until evening. At least, I drop off when my phone is off and Mom cannot call:

"Jenny-ah, what you doing? Have you had your breakfast? Aiya, your stomach is empty, you'll get gastric."

"MOM! Just get off the phone and let me sleep!"

"Why so grumpy? Miss Grumps....what time you went to sleep last night?"

"4, maybe, 5, no wait, it was 7."

"Why you sleep so late? Not healthy you know. Anyway, what did Jackie send for me? And when are you coming back to JB?"

Which is the reason for the call. I refuse to tell. It's supposed to be a surprise. But Mom has decided that by attacking me unawares in my half somnolent state, she can pry the secret out of me.

So here I am, back in JB. Mom is satisfied because she got to examine all her presents. As expected the frog playing the banjo chimes was her favourite. I think she likes the skirt (although she did not react to it). She was very pleased with the nougat. She was also pleased with the shortbread. And she wants me to make sticky toffee pudding.

"Why? You're not supposed to eat that."

Pouts: "I want to give my friends a treat."

"Yeah, that's a likely story."

Pouts some more.

She is a naughty Mommy.


hot coffee girl said...

Does the apple far from the tree, I wonder...

brokovich said...

Hey you...

your Mom s being a Mom. Not naughty - not pouty but just someone who leaves you feeling like your heart is all wrapped up in a warm, soft quilt.
you, my dear, need to get outta the sack and back into LIFE. what say u?

Jackie's Garden said...

Jenn - glad you're back. Your 'mommy' sounds good to me - mine died when I was young so any 'mommy' sounds good to me. And sounds like she's good blog material! LOL
But, ahhh, aren't you lucky to be loved like that?

Imperfect said...

gr8 blog!
just randomly found it when i searched malayalee!!

A thinker said...

Mums. So good at being interfering and caring, annoying and loveable :)

goldennib said...

Glad to hear from you.

How could you keep prezzies from your mommy for so long?

QuillDancer said...

If she is a naughty mommy, then we know who her daughter takes after.

QuillDancer said...

Jenn, my sister, Jackie, and I are having an entire conversation with u=you -- though you're not in attendance -- on her blog. Use this:

Just Tom said...

I read this yesterday, just bouncing around on links from others blogsites and noticed, "The incessant noise of KL." I didn't dare think that you were talking about Kuala Lumpur, but in talking with Jackie (of jackie's garden-- I'm her son-in-law) she told me about giving you the advice of going to Home Depot or one of those big, American home stores to dosome home repair or something and getting a retort from her sister (Quilldancer) to the effect of "that is if they have (those stores) in Malaysia." And there it was, the smoking gun.

In the later sixties and early seventies, my father was the Southeast Asian Director of Training for the Peace Corps. I grew up a chunk of my childhood in KL. Jalan Khalsa, off Ipoh road I think. Anyway, small world.

Love your dialogue. I also gather from your other posts that you are English? Anyway, porbably being too nosy for someone who has not commented here before. Forgive the intrusion, just have noticed so much of this "small world phenomenon" in my global blog hopping.



Jenn said...

HCG: No, don't wonder, it doesn't. I do ALL the things I'm not supposed to either...hehe.

I just read an article where they want to declare a shopping centre and world heritage site. I know it was tongue in cheek, but still, it tells you something about this place.Hey Brokovich. You sound like someone I know. Care to tell?

Jackie's Garden: I'm sorry about your Mom. And yes, the Big M is good blog material. Except that if she ever discovered this blog, she would promptly disown me for making fun of her.

Imperfect: Hello, fellow Malayalee!

A thinker: Right on. All of the above. She is a naughty mommy.

Nessa: Call it the artful guile of a pukka Malayalee. Or the IBM method. Where you answer a question with another question.

Quilly: You betcha. OK, maybe a little. Not so much. My mom was by way of being a superstar at school. I was by way of being a shy retiring (OK what is shy and retiring and not floral?)

Just Tom: Hey Tom! Welcome to my blog. I can't believe you lived in this part of the world, way back before the haze and Mahathir. I know Ipoh Road (although it has been renamed now) but I don't know Jalan Khalsa. I am not English. Hehe. I was recently in England for a visit, but that's about it.

OK, I just have to tell you this. (Hey Simon, you listening?) Ivan just passed by to get his book and said, that's your blog ah? And I said, yeah why? And he said, the one where you wrote about walking with Jackie? And I said, how on earth...did you read it? He said, magic. Is nothing secret anymore?

QuillDancer said...

Jenn, magic can never be kept a secret. Everybody wants some.