Friday, June 03, 2016

The Rest of My Life

I think I need to start another blog. I feel another phase of my life coming on. Maybe it's because I'm so tired. Maybe it's because I'm burnt out. Maybe it's because I've stayed in one place for too long and my soul is restless, my body weary and my mind, shutting down, rebelling, refusing to work.

I want to take off on a journey unencumbered. Maybe I need to give the dogs up for adoption. And put the cats into some sort of foster care while I'm gone. Or give them up for adoption too.

I found out yesterday that an aunt I knew died in mysterious circumstances. She had signed over her property to a lodger who then abducted her, removed her from the house to God knows where, shut up the house, sold it and didn't let anyone know when she died. My godmother who is her cousin and relentless, though in England and not here to personally conduct investigations, scoured the hospitals and then the Registrar of Deaths and found this aunt of mine had actually died on February 25. They don't know under what circumstances. And they didn't know how to retrieve her body.

She called me last night. Now you know she was desperate because she called me when she doesn't even speak to me. Yeah, Malayalee families, complicated. She told me about the death and asked if I could help with finding the body.

I asked my friends and sent her a list of things that could be done, should have been done, by the immediate family. Can you believe that they didn't even make a police report?

Anyway, things are in a state of flux. I hope they can find her remains and give her a proper burial. At the very least.

Meanwhile, I need to figure out the rest of my life.

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