Friday, June 17, 2016


So after a few days of rushing around because I made lunch plans and dinner plans and these always left me frantic, I got cancelled on for breakfast (yeah, you read that right, I got cancelled on, I didn't do the cancelling) and so I switched off the phone and decided to stay in and try to figure out my life.

Well, I didn't quite figure out my life. But I did time each activity I do in the mornings because I wanted to know what time I should wake up to cram them all in so I can get to work on time. I have decided to work at work. And not at home. This year has been a bad example of working weekends or staying late (but only because I didn't work during, you know, actual working hours).

I also tried to figure out stuff I wanted to do at night, like, when I get home from work. Yes, I want to get home from work. At a decent hour. Rather than just living there and slinking back late. Really, if I went in on time, I'd get so much done before people started interrupting me.

I also decided that instead of simply accumulating books, I am going to start reading them. I've found that I'm usually too tired when I get home to do any real reading so now I want to assign myself books to get through.

Today, I read The Yellow World by Albert Esposito. I loved it so much...and took some notes. And then I wrote a letter, put it in the book and made a beeline for the nearest post office so I could post it off to my pal, Shelly, one of my yellows. I made a list of yellows (you're supposed to have 23 all in all) and I came up with six so far. Six I can remember. Maybe, seven.

Anyway, if you're wondering what a "yellow" is, here's a definition:

A special person in our life, whom we stroke, hug and sleep next to. They mark our lives and the relationship with them doesn't take time or effort. there are 23 of them in our lives. Conversations with them make us better people and help up discover what we are lacking. They are the next level of friendship.

You got all that? Good.

I've designated one of the notebooks I bought at Popular for random thoughts, quotes, questions of the day, phone numbers for nearby hairdressers (I'm shopping around), diairisng...

Here's something I wrote today:

Meeting some people is like scrubbing your delicate, porcelain heart with sandpaper. You never get used to it; it always hurts. Solution? Minimise contact. As much as possible.

Yeah, so, just some random things.

Sorry for the lack of coherence. I am sure I'm going somewhere with this. One of the things I have decided to do is update this a lot more often. Maybe even every day, from now on.

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