Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moonlight Kiss

That ole tune by Bap Kennedy is playing on my computer, the mood is mellow...waaaaay mellow.

I can feel my heart
and it's fit to burst
try to clean it up
but it just gets worse
wish I could fall
on a night like this
into your loving arms
for a moonlight kiss

I didn't fall asleep last night after all. There was a fire in my belly and my skin was burning...so I tossed and turned until, to my consternation, my alarm went off, signalling, oh no, it was time to get up.

No sleep, no rest, no blissful oblivion, no sweet harlot of the senses, no Delilah of the mind.

I pondered briefly on whether I would make the best of things and go for an early morning walk and do my "morning pages" (about the only two good things about being up so early in the day) but my cantankerous limbs which twitched like someone was playing Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on my nerve endings, refused to budge. No, not an inch.

So I lay in bed dozing until it was about seven, by which time, I think I could have fallen asleep because it had gotten light and then dark again (one of those early morning thunderstorms that is so edifying and sleep-inducing) but I had Alison to meet, the one bright spot in this dark day (literally and figuratively).

Got to Bangsar just in time for the first large drops to start pelting the car, and then me, as I ran across the street to pay for my parking on one of those machines.

Al arrived not long after. She was exactly on time. Despite the storm which had started to roar and disturb the shutters and pour its wrath on that less than innocent street.

As was our wont we chatted for about four hours nonstop, Convent-style, without pause and then it was time for her to go pick up her son, and I thought I'd stop by at NST and buy the papers with my articles in them.

By then, the sleepless night was telling. Also by then, the early shower had taken away whatever coolness there had been in the day. A concentrated and stifling heat bore down on me a I made my purchases and then took off home.

Another quick shower, another call to Mary (I called last night before midnight so I could give the phone to Mark and Victor to wish her too), and then it was to bed, to bed, to bed.

And instead of working, I slept the day away. I'm awake now but my eyes are scratchy.

And tonight I think I'll pull an all-nighter. I don't want to look at this report much longer. I will finish it. And then sleep again tomorrow.

Oh wait, Kinokuniya called to say they had located my copy of "Ruined" and they would set it aside at customer service for three days so I had better hustle and get my keister over there some time tomorrow.

I wish I wasn't so tired.

I wish I didn't feel so Hamlet before the ghost:

O, that this too too solid flesh would melt,
Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew.

And this too shall pass. It shall. It shall. It shall. But until it does:

How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable
Seem to me all the uses of this world.

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