Thursday, September 23, 2010


Oh brother! Sometimes the nights are endless. Not because of my famous insomnia, but because I have two stories of a widely differing nature to complete and very little time to complete them in. All nighters. I used to love `em. Now I don't. Wouldn't you just know it?

The weather has turned, well, wet. Very wet. It's raining now. It was raining a little while ago when I got home, having taken Dadda to the clinic to see the eye doctor. As we were coming home we passed some spots in Old Town and Dadda said suddenly: "I used to live here."

"Really?" I wasn't listening, trying to figure out the way home. I hate Old Town. Always get lost there.

"Yes. Your Pity Auntie used to live here. I took you to see her once. Well, you insisted on coming. Last time I had to sneak out because if you saw me going, you would insist on following me. Then when we got there you fell asleep. And then you wanted to go home almost straight away."

Hmmm. Charming kid I was, I don't think.

The doctor examined Dadda's eye and said it was ulcerated. I didn't know eyes could be ulcerated. He taped it to ensure that some muscle or other doesn't turn in and the D man complained on the way back that the tape was white and didn't match his complexion. I said that was the last thing he needed to worry about...his right eye is so red it looks like it is actually bleeding. Nother check-up at the hospital next Friday.

I have bought cat food and the little kitten who used to protest noisily at my window has gone. Methinks it was killed by the bigger cats. Or maybe some human because it never shut up. I used to feed it. And then, when I actually go out and buy cat food for the purpose it disappears. Instead a large similarly ginger pregnant cat presents herself at our doorstep and meows at me. I go empty a can of cat food in my "bowl for strays". She watches me, then eats the food, then takes herself off without much ado. It's a functional relationship. No need for demonstrations of affection. (I wish all my relationships were as simple)

I want to reward myself for finishing the two stories yesterday (after receiving alarmed emails and text messages from the editor in question who thought I was cutting it a wee bit close).

Not sure how to do it. Having gone to bed past six and woken up at nine (or been woken up by the D-man who wanted to go to the clinic) am a wee bit groggy and listless.

But thought I'd check in and say hey, anyway.


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