Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In the Moment

Hey you there, you with Susan Sontag's "On Photography" clutched in your hand, you with the eyes gazing at the new stage and wishing it was the old one, you with your thoughts roving all over creation, COME BACK!

Come back to this minute, it will never recur. I mean you may be here next week sitting in this same chair (don't, it's in front of the frigging speakers for crying out loud, what were you thinking?), wearing the same sweater, watching, listening, wondering....but it will be different.

It's always different.

Times slithers forward like a slippery snake. You can't grasp it (my dear, if it's a snake, I wouldn't, I really wouldn't).

Hey you with the eyes, you with the dreaming eyes, you, who have projected an hour into the future, when you'll have to pay up and leave, just one red wine today, not even squiffy, not even a little bit, COME BACK!

Stop glancing at the clock and mentally calculating.

Stop thinking about the report that sits on your computer still unfinished because you frigging well couldn't bring yourself to do more than, well, what you have done. Will have to stretch this further.

Stop thinking about the early breakfast with your pal Al tomorrow (that'll be nice, but be there then, be here now, OK?).

Hey you! You with the sad eyes, you with the broken thoughts, you with the diffracted soul, call yourself back.

This is now. This is here. You are happy.

Happy enough.

And tomorrow, well that's another day.

We'll deal with it then, OK?

Time for bed now, darling.


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