Sunday, February 14, 2010


At some point, I guess, this pain will get old and dusty and I'll hardly remember the names and faces of the sad occasion (but that's no consolation, here and now).

At some point, it will finally be over and I will not be recycling tired emotions, walking in circles in this thick dark maze, no flicker of light, no way out.

My life has shrunk to nothing.

A teaspoon of leaves.

A grain of pepper.


The road is dark and the ground beneath my feet is no longer simply the shifting sands. It has disappeared.

I stand on nothing.

I am becoming nothing.


Nessa said...

This reminds me of the dreams I have, walking to the edge of a cliff and stepping off.

John Calica said...

Hi Jenn. With this post, I believe you might be headed towards a rebirth of some sort :) Re: your comment in my blog, my address is 698 Circumferential Road, San Isidro, Antipolo City, 1870.

Jenn said...

Nessa- the falling part is unnerving.

Johnnny: Is that your full address? Or does it end with Manila, Philippines?