Monday, February 15, 2010


This heat beats on us in waves - it is everpresent, stifling, dizzying. The air is thirsty, barren and everywhere, people shrink into their air conditioned cars or deep into the hearts of their air conditioned buildings, in a bid to escape it all.

I, on the other hand, haven't left the house in three days. I wake up in the evening (I was watching the first season of Weeds until half past six this morning), have a bite to eat then wander around sleepy and dazed. I feel my face swelling and my body baking. I feel like all the heat is bleeding out of the cold cold North to burn us to a crisp.

I need to go out.

I need to shift this energy somehow.

This overpowering energy.



Nessa said...

We are freezing over here in half a meter of snow.


Jenn said...

I seems so...unbalanced somehow.

Jenn said...

Over here it feels almost like we're on the Plains of Gorgoroth...looking up at Mount Doom.