Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

I didn't end up watching Percy Jackson. I watched Valentine's Day instead, which I loved, although it still surprises me how big of a deal it is in the US. Speaking of which this year, I wrote out Valentine's Day cards and sent them to a bunch of people. Some, I even gave presents. I guess I was never made to be the Valentine grinch. When I get going I really love it.

And I'm not talking romance.

I remember reading What Katy Did when I was 14 and totally loving that whole Valentine's Day bit and resolving to do something similar. So, I wrote out anonymous rhymes for a bunch of friends signing off "St. Valentine". They knew it was me, of course, but it was still a whole lot of fun. I wrote an awful lot of rhymes when I was 14. Not that many at 15 and still less at 16, but there you go.

This year, the day itself came and went without any hubbub. I think I was asleep for most of it. But the cards and presents, now that was fun. And I met a friend for lunch today that I gave a whole lot of presents to, and when she asked me why, I, Valentine's Day I think. She was tickled pink.

And I've bought Julia Cameron's latest book, Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance which means I'll be doing Morning Pages, Artist Dates and Weekly Walks (Solvitur ambulando) for a bit. Maybe that will crank up and kickstart the old creativity machine.

Chug. A chug. A chug. A chug.


John Calica said...

I used to write a lot of rhymes, too! Makes everything a lot simpler, eh?

David Cho said...

Hey I didn't get a card from you. So it's a big deal only in the US?

Anything that can be heavily commercialized is a big deal here.

Jenn said...

JC: Yeah. None of them were to the love of my life of the day or hour or minute. (I tend to change my mind a lot)

David: I don't have your address. And I am officially reclaiming it from the commercialism. None of the cards I sent were official Valentine Day cards. They were other cards, seconded for the purpose.